Kimberly Killebrew

Hi, everyone!  I’m Kimberly.  Wife of one, mother of two, cook of many 😉  Welcome to my food blog!

Cooking has been one of my biggest passions ever since I can remember.  My mom, a born and raised German, wonderful international cook, and my personal culinary mentor, involved me in her cooking adventures from a very young age.  My earliest memory goes back to around age 4 when my mom got me involved in my very first, “official” cooking assignment:  To brown the ground beef.  I remember sitting on the counter next to the range, taking great care to break up every lump of ground beef with a wooden spoon.  I LOVED it!  (And I think that particular assignment continued for many years to come!  Need any browning ground beef tips?  Yep, you know where to come!)

I grew up in Europe.  Lived there for 23 years in Germany and England (now living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest).  My family and I were avid travelers and, of course, exploring and enjoying all the national cuisines of the countries we visited were definite highlights of every trip.  Discovering new and delicious flavors in various restaurants, I was often found talking to waiters and chefs about their tips and tricks and trying to persuade them (often with success) to divulge their mouth-watering recipes.  I learned from the best all across Europe and various other countries of the world!

I love international cuisine!  All nationalities!  Every one of them has something amazing to offer.  For me, part the enjoyment of eating is also learning about the different cultures of each country.  In my family, often what we’ll do when a specific country is featured on our dinner table, we’ll discuss our knowledge of that country and it’s culture and customs with each other to make things interesting.  (It’s also nice to have a husband who’s an avid history buff!)  To make things even more fun, we’ll often play music from that country in the background.    I’ll often research information on the origins of the dishes as well.  It’s so fascinating, the things you learn, the things you never thought!  In any case,  joining together as a family to enjoy the different foods of different lands is such a wonderful way to explore this beautiful world!

This food blog features a little something for everyone – everything from the simple to the complex, the known to the obscure, the healthy to the…well…not so healthy, the mild to the spicy, the carnivorous to the omnivorous, the sweet to the savory…and simply downright good eats!

So sit back and enjoy your travels through this get-down-to-business/let’s-get-cookin’/let’s-get-eating culinary wonderland!

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Anonymous said:

    Very nice Kim…well done, and yum! Best wishes from Florida. :o)

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